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SEO Analysis Lab – is an outstanding and magnificent SEO agency in Bangladesh with world-class SEO experts. SEO analysis lab can fight against many competitors and we gained the trust and achieved the most reliable SEO service provider.

The SEO services in Bangladesh have come a long way in the world. It has become the most popular industry in Bangladesh. The competitor and competition are increasing day by day. So, you have to give an eye to who serves you the best.

We work in various industries. Our achievement talks about our experience. If you’re looking for an SEO service provider company in Bangladesh? Then we can be the best choice at an affordable cost.

SEO Analysis Lab

Best SEO Services in Bangladesh

Every SEO company is not suitable to rank itself on Google’s #1 page. Only a top one can be to achieve these ranks and honors.

SEO Analysis Lab – has a reputation on Google you can find us as the best SEO Agency on the first page.

Now, you have explicit knowledge about our SEO skills. Time is a more precious thing for us. So, we give our best effort to provide our service in a short time. Firstly, we believe in teamwork. Secondly, the inspiration comes from our hard work, dedication, and passion, which gives us success.

SEO Analysis Lab

SEO Role in Business Perspective

Therefore, economic growth most of the time depends on internet marketing. During the lockdown era, most often businesses are online-based. SEO opens tremendous opportunities for online business development for any industry.

Planning & Maintenance

Your business objectives and goals prioritize the SEO approach to fit the unique business needs.

Implementation of Local SEO

Local SEO helps to rank for area-based keywords that people are searching online.

Superior Online Business

Proper knowledge of SEO plays a vital role in earning organic visitors to your site or pages.

Scopes of Gaining Revenue

SEO increases your revenue by boosting your business’s search engine appearance on different search engines.

SEO Analysis Lab

We are White Hat SEO Agency

Google prefers natural and exact information. For this reason, we avoid spammy techniques to get better rankings and early revenue.

Our experts always plan long term and effective working process so that the best ROI for the customer comes. We avoid the black hat SEO method.

Our work is time-dependent and adheres to Google algorithms. Google does not prefer any types of fishy tricks. SEO Analysis Lab follow and maintain Google rules and regulation.

We create meaningful and useful content so that customers attract most to our work. Structured UX helps to organize your service related information perfectly.

World-class SEO Company in Bangladesh

At first, a question arises on how an SEO company becomes a world-class company. We SEO Analysis Lab claims itself as a world-class SEO company in Bangladesh.

Every success story has a hard time to fulfill its goal. We gain our success by providing our perfect planning, hard work, and time-calculation. We explore effective techniques to work very fast and enable the client to trust us. We are unique because our process is unique.

We explore practical techniques to work very fast and enable the client to trust us. We started working with content as the best priority and achieved a global ranking in 3 months. For this reason, we are the best SEO company in Bangladesh.

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What Makes Us SEO Experts in Bangladesh?

SEO specialists are the pillar of success in SEO fields. We have a team of SEO experts who spend their quality time every day researching technical SEO audits, keyword analysis, page & off-page optimization to satisfy our clients’ desires.

We follow and maintain the latest Google algorithm. Also, stay updated to implement SEO’s best practice to outrank your competitors on the search engine result page.

This allows us to earn national and international markets’ fame to rank our targeted keywords on the SERP’s.

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Lovely Customers

Don’t take our word for it

Yvonne Dolan

Our company was introduced to Ataul and his team we found them very hard workers and fully committed to the brief. Their strategy for SEO was very innovative & paid off well. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ataul for any SEO project he was invited to tender for. Thank you Blendi

– Blendi Snacks Ltd, Ireland

SEO Analysis Lab

How Do We Work?

SEO Project Discussion

Every project consists of a proposal and a goal setup. We review every point to your products and services to understand the best-fit search engine optimization, driving quality traffic from the SERPs.

Keyword Research

After reviewing the project proposal, we follow an ideal way to find the best keyword to suit your products and services. We also consider the keyword difficulties, monthly search volume, long-tail keywords, and domain authority.

Analyze SEO Competitor

Finding SEO competitors is the perfect way to reach your desired goal. We find out the competitor and identify their online strength. And also the lackings to improve ranking on the search engine.

SEO Audit & Reporting

This audit is necessary to identify the work listing on On-Page and Off-Page SEO. This reporting is suitable for better ranking on the search engine results page and also error-fixing.

SEO Back-links Building

Back-links are another necessary part of building trust in SEO fields. Based on the project and budget, we research every single back-link across the website for ranking.

Content Writing

The initial and vital part of SEO is SEO-friendly content writing. On-Page SEO’s initial appearance is content writing in SEO fields to earn more traffic on your website.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

We all know about on-page SEO, but to explore in-depth needs more potential. We offer the best training for On-Page SEO services.

Local SEO Citation

On the other hand, citation plays a vital role in ranking any website on the search engine result page. We assure you of the best practice of local citations.

Best Practice of SEO

We give priority to maintaining the best quality and Google’s importance is simplicity and quality. Users can easily attract our content and many SEO companies like to work with us.

Want To Explore A Little Bit of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization
SEO Workflow
SEO Types
SEO Fields
SEO Company in Bangladesh

What is SEO?

SEO stands in Search engine optimization helps to rank a website or any specific keyword which is related to this site in any search engine like google, wiki, Bing, etc by following the rules and guidelines of search engine.

Experts have so far researched and found about 200 Google’s factors that rank your results. So if you want to get a good position in Google’s SERP, there is no proper optimization option.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is a time-consuming and long-lasting process to give your business success. Many of us have an idea that SEO gives you an instant result. If you invest your money in display ads, PPC then you are right.

But the success lies in your proper SEO establishing planning. You need to understand that your business needs 3 months or 6 months or 1 year or 2 year.

White Hat SEO

The rules and terminology are followed by Google. It is helpful to rank in SERP. It helps you to work for a long time. White Hat SEO always performs every task in an ethical way.

Black Hat SEO

Getting Google’s ranking quickly by manipulating search engines is called black hat SEO. It will work for a little bit of time, then it must get a penalty from Search Engines like Google.

Local SEO

Every small or multi-location company builds its business in local SEO. They easily attract more customers by using it. It has many effective ways to promote your products and services to gather local customers at the exact time online.  Our SEO Analysis Lab provides you the best opportunity in the local SEO field.

Global SEO

To build your company reputation and earn global traffic you need Global SEO. Being listed at the top of a search engine results page ensures both the right keywords and anchors your brand in the world market. We’ll help you build a world-class SEO page based on strategic keywords.

SEO gives tremendous success

We all know the use of various search engines. But we do not know about its result page priorities and how they appear. The most critical part of these high-tech is keyword stuffing, link submissions, and quality content research, understanding the searcher’s intent. The core of SEO work is the combination of these works.

Some various agencies and companies provide SEO training. But you need to ensure the best output that can give you experience and proper guidelines about these trendy topics.

We Have Top Rank and Reputations

Are you facing many troubles in generating leads? Our experts provide advanced SEO services to approach your desired wants. We have delivered 500+ successful projects for our clients throughout the world.

Your willpower and our master plan is the combination of Sales & Revenue!

Our motto is, “instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer.” SEO Analysis Lab has done website SEO for various industries like – USA, UK, Europe, India, Africa, and Latin America.

What Makes Us Different?

Up to Date

SEO industries are changing day by day and have new competitors to challenge your ability. For this reason, experts need to stay updated to find new strategies.


To establish a thriving business market is a combination of correct efforts and robust techniques. Only experience alone can not deal with it.

Industry Experts

We have many working experiences in image processing, software, corporate, local business, news, media, eCommerce, and many more.


We believe in words and deeds. Our motto is to prove ourselves by showing our results not only words. And we will also report on a real-time project.

SEO Analysis Lab

What SEO Services We Will Do For You?

Standard SEO Content
Research Right Keywords
Website View
Business Boost
Google First Page Ranking

We follow and maintain white hat SEO because it follows Google rules and techniques. Google’s algorithm is updated day-by-day.
On-page SEO is the pillar of white hat SEO. To build links in social media, we suggest following ethically for better engagement.

Strategic Rules

Successful business = Quality-full content. By optimizing your products and services, we provide branded SEO content. So, users can get the right information about your business. Customers recognize only you by your business. So, creative content is the pillar of your website.

Analyze Customers & Competitors

Your business success lies between customer feedback and competitors’ suggestion. It would be best to keep an eye on your competitor’s work diagram and process what techniques they follow.

Perfect Niche

Every business success depends on the right keyword to find the targeted visitor. We research in-depth data to find out the perfect niche. Before starting any business, invest more time in this area.

Excellent User Experience

The website’s view is the central part of attracting more visitors. And we always optimize website navigation, coding, and relevant information to ensure your site’s best user experience.

Increase Online Sell

Convert lead = Sale. We automate the right message at the right time when the user expects more information to convert the lead into a sale.

Visitor Activity Tracking

Tracking visitors express the success of your website. We track a visitor to your site to create a strategic plan. It explains how the user behaves after publishing your website.

Leads Counting

We implement a marketing automation platform that is necessary to capture user information directly from your website.

Feedback and Report

Want to monitor your progress and audience response then you have to maintain the reporting and feedback sector. Our team strictly follows the growth rate of your site and also maintains Google algorithm updates.


Want to rank locally and globally, then you need to focus on link-building. Yes, we always analyze your position in search engines to secure your business growth. Organic traffic is your asset to go in the long run.

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