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Your real estate business needs two essential things: Good Visibility and Reputation Management. As a team of real estate SEO experts, SEO Analysis Lab knows what it needs to be at #1 of the search engines like Google and keeps you there – in any market for commercial or residential real estate. Moreover, we keep in mind that your market is competitive, and you must maintain your reputation as a real estate agency.  Our Real Estate SEO services can rank your website, social media profiles, and Google local maps in your specific location and niche.

How do real estate brands and publishers rank higher through their contents? What are their real estate SEO strategies, and what kind of tactics they use while ranking?

What Is Real Estate SEO?

Real estate SEO means to appear in SERPs when your customers are looking for someone to help them buy or sell their property. Using the right search engine terms and strategies on your real estate website to gain more traffic and leads means using the right search terms and process. Most Internet users and customers depend on search engines; that’s why Google must list your site and rank it higher in the results.

Why Need Real Estate SEO Services?

Let’s think of yourself as a customer. When you wish to buy or sell your home or property, the first thing you do is search straight on Google. Most of your customers do that. That’s why many businesses are competing for organic real estate. Nowadays, creating a website for your business is not enough. If you want to compete with the competitive world, you must get help from an SEO expert with a proper SEO strategy.

Site Audit

SEO is the term that is needed everywhere. To optimize your site with search engines, we analyze your current site content, coding, mapping, and keyword density. Our experts can determine the strengths and weaknesses to address in your strategic SEO plan.

Keyword Research

A perfect niche is the pillar of your business success. For this reason, keyword research is worked as the driving force behind your organic traffic efforts. SEO experts perform this research for both your agency and your competitors. Our team uses Google Ads Keyword Planner, Moz, etc., for this process. If you have proper knowledge about your competitor’s ranking strategies, then the SEO strategy is the best weapon to make your agency an industry leader.

Tracking Setup

If you want to optimize your site, then set up plugins at first (if you use WordPress), and connect important measurement tools for tracking and reporting your SEO results via our analytics system. Our expert team sends you a detailed report of these measurements once a month. 

On-page Optimization

Want to optimize your site? The first and the most important phase is to perform on-page optimization to give your website the initial boost. When your site grows and progresses, we add the extra strength by using SEO techniques like – link-building, blogging, ongoing keyword optimization, and quality content creation. We also give priority to optimizing your website for searches using mobile devices.

Why SEO is Needed For Real Estate Agencies?

National Association of Realtors statistics shows that 44% of all buyers search online for property listings as the first stage of buying or selling their properties. Almost half of the buyers start their searches on Google for properties directly. For this, your property must be listed and optimized for the local and global market. Every month your customers to ordinary people looking for homes in the local area – from just keywords. SEO is a vast marketing and leading generation opportunity for any business that works well in a local area.

Real estate SEO techniques use keywords related to the real estate website and optimize them on significant search engines like Google. It helps your website to appear when a customer types those keywords or is related to those keywords. This will attract a lot of visitors to your website and increase your sales.

Not only is increasing traffic vital to your real estate company but more specifically, SEO is a must to your real estate company’s overall success. SEO helps you reach real buyers and sellers at the exact moment, and it can also help to rank higher in search engines like Google. While social media, paid to advertise, and other online platforms can drive traffic to websites, search engines like Google increase most online traffic. That’s why there is so much competition. You can get many clients just because of the right SEO strategy and being on page 1 of Google. It works for your website like free advertising.

There is much technical stuff related to SEO. It needs professional guidance from the best real estate SEO companies like SEO Analysis Lab to succeed in your real estate digital marketing. Otherwise, you will end up doing nothing for your real estate marketing and a waste of your digital marketing dollars.

National Association of Realtors statistics shows that 44% of all buyers search online for property listings as the first stage of buying or selling their properties. Almost half of the buyers start their searches on Google for properties directly. For this, your property must be listed and optimized for the local and global market. Every month your customers to ordinary people looking for homes in the local area – from just keywords. SEO is a vast marketing and leading generation opportunity for any business that works well in a local area.


Get Every Solution From Us

Who doesn’t want more leads and traffic? There are thousands of marketing agencies with different tactics and strategies. But whom should you choose? How to know which tactics you focus on first? Many companies focus on methods that are quick to recommend their particular strategy. But is it the most needed strategy?

We start with the data and create and research your targeted customers, what they are looking for, and why real estate agents are essential. Knowing these all, we create a brand identity for you and then work closely with the client to incorporate. Then we make a presence in the digital world and engage with the renter to feel connected at first glance. This is how our projects world faster and beat the competitor’s projected, increasing our clients’ overall ROI.

SEO Analysis Lab has a talented team consisting of consumer authorities, design experts, marketing specialists, and real estate professionals. We look for new ideas and technology to create a better, outstanding user experience and smooth process. Our company starts the services as the pre-development phase.

There is no longer a need for 3 to 5 separate teams. SEO Analysis Lab is the solution for a comprehensive and cohesive approach to your marketing and branding needs.

Our Services

The best real estate companies like SEO Analysis Lab improve your online visibility increasing more traffic and leads.

Creating Consumer Awareness

As a business person, you need to know what is necessary for your consumer to ensure your generation leads. SEO Analysis Lab focuses on your customer’s needs as it helps to do marketing to the appropriate customers. Our service helps the developers and customers know who you are and what kind of service you provide.

Creating your Brand’s Identity

Developing your brand’s identity is one of the most important things. Creating a brand’s identity needs analyzing the property, the market, and the consumers. SEO Analysis Lab establishes a brand identity for your company that represents your works and the project.

Creating your website

Your website is the main focus of your business. Your website is the first thing that connects you with your customers. So, it is the most important thing to create an interactive website for your real estate business. SEO Analysis Lab develops exceptional website design giving your customers a smooth user experience that helps you drive traffic and convert your traffic into leads.

Visual Representation

We create a unique visual representation of your business to your customers. Our interior and exterior designs can be done in any model you want. SEO Analysis Lab can provide you with 3D models, animation videos, 360 Views Renderings, and so on. We are capable of giving different visual experiences to other tenants.


This is everything in any business. Creating the first impression of your business is the primary step. SEO Analysis Lab ensures that you can start your business in the right process. Our tools provide you with the best services that you need. Our marketing strategies make it easy to increase your community’s visibility online.

Digital Marketing

SEO Analysis Lab is the best real estate SEO expert for all your marketing needs. Traditional media has been useful to do marketing for your business. Building a robust digital presence keeps you ahead of your competitors. We develop a digital marketing strategy that increases your brand awareness, drives interest. Want to high-quality leads?

Our Website Services

Our website services are a fantastic way to keep up with your current residents, attract your customers. Our website packages are dynamic and scalable. We also provide you with customized packages to work with your team to create a website according to your property’s needs. Our approach is unique because we provide every aspect of event planning from start to finish.

Content Marketing

Any business owners must create a good impression of their business. Good content makes this work a lot easier. SEO Analysis Lab follows a plan while doing content marketing for your business. It helps your client to solve their problems, building the trust of your company. Our content marketing also allows you to increase your brand awareness and reputation, driving organic traffic through SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO is beneficial for your real estate marketing because it helps create online visibility and trust. You don’t need to compete with thousands of real estate agencies. Our local SEO services focus on the area you’re providing your benefits. We help you rank locally in those areas, optimizing your website for local search to drive more customers and leads.

Sales Funnel Marketing

Our sales marketing funnel helps your customers to buy from you, use your services. Sales funnel marketing allows you to understand and see your sales process and measure your company’s overall success. Thus you are capable of understanding each step of your business. You can calculate your success, your failures through sales funnel marketing.


Our SEM services help you to drive quality traffic to your website at a low cost. It allows you to get potential customers. Our services help you to rank by paid results. These are very beneficial when your customers are looking for something relevant to your business. You can learn how to improve your business.

Increasing ROI

As our SEO services help you reach your customers, it is more likely to increase the ROI. You can measure your business by ROI. As many customers you get, like many, it can convert your customers into sales. Thus you get an impressive ROI! You can notice the result in a few months. User experience, ensuring reaching your targeted customers.

Why Choose Us?

There are numerous reasons to choose SEO Analysis Lab over many real estate SEO companies. Our primary focus is not only increasing your traffic but also growing your business’s overall success too.

More traffic & leads

Statistics say that 64.5% of internet users click on the first three results in any search engine SERPs. SEO is a reliable and cost-effective way to reach the top of the search engines like Google to generate more clicks to your website.


Websites that are not at the top of the search engines don’t get noticed by the customers. That’s why the primary goal of SEO services is to take your website to the top of the search engines.

Perfect Niche

We choose the right keyword for you that is related to your business and company. We target your buyers by location, neighborhood, and many other criteria. When your buyers click on your website, it can convert into leads.

Maintain Quality

We produce quality content to get more links from influential websites to get authority of your website. Are you looking for improving SEO for your real estate company? Get started with SEO Analysis Lab today!

Increasing Brand Awareness

When your website is ranked top of the search engines, many potential customers know about your business and company. This is how you increase the awareness of your real estate SEO company.

Leadership & Authority

After choosing a particular keyword, maintaining the quality of your website is also very important. Search engine authorities select sites that are linked with other websites. That’s why we work to develop your articles, blog posts for your home buyers.

Let's Start Together

As a real estate expert, you must want to sell more properties, optimize marketing costs, and want to be #1 among all the real estate authorities in your market. Your firm or real estate agency needs to be at the front page of Google when and where consumers are searching for homes. Do it with the help of SEO for realtors. Tackling real estate SEO is complicated and needs broad content and hyper-local information to rank. So we look for brands and companies that are dominated by the real estate SEO space and put together their best strategies and real estate SEO tips to achieve organic market share.